How To Attract Men - Surefire Ways To Make A Man Addicted To You!

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Want to know how to attract men? Have you been struggling when it comes to men and relationships? Do you feel that you have no power over attracting the men you desire? If yes, don't despair. It's all about to change for you. You can make any man attracted to you and make him addicted to you.

There are plenty of women who effortlessly attract men. Ever wonder how they do it? Well... it's because they have mastered a set of skills that trigger certain attraction switches in men. They trigger these switches all the time and create more attraction in their man every single time. If you master these skills, you'll be able to attract and keep him any man that you desire.

Here are the surefire ways to attract men...

Emotional control...

One of the mistakes I've noticed women make when they're interested in a man is that they reveal their feelings too early. They don't always confess their feelings. But they show that they are attracted to him in a lot of desperate ways. An intelligent guy will naturally know that you're attracted to him when you show too many signs of interest (smile, touching, flirting, and giggling when he's around).

While it's okay and absolutely necessary to demonstrate certain signs of interest, going overboard will only push a man away from you. It is absolutely important for you to gain some emotional control during the entire stage of courtship. If you want a man to be attracted to you, you must first disqualify yourself from being a potential suitor. It's counter-intuitive and not so obvious.

Play hard to get...

Once you get a man to approach you and you start a conversation with him, you must begin to play hard to get. Most women make the mistake of relentlessly pursuing men and displaying their feelings too early in the relationship. It's a man's job to do these things. You have to act in an unpredictable manner and play games with him if you want to win his heart. Always make him value you more by being something that he cannot predict.

If you're emotionally stable, never display too many feelings and disqualify yourself from being a potential suitor, you are triggering the attraction switches he has in him. He can't help but feel attraction towards you when you do these things. Surprise him with the way you answer his calls and the way you talk to him.

There's a golden rule that states that the one who tries the least always controls a relationship. In your relationship, you must make the man to put more effort. And you do that by playing hard to get. When he invests a lot in the relationship, he will want you desperately. That's when you can choose to keep him or not.
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