How To Attract Men: How To Attract Men By Being Spontaneous

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Spontaneity or randomness is an important ingredient to any happy relationship, regardless of what stage it is in. If you want to learn how to attract men and you're not learning how to be spontaneous, you're not going to find a man who's going to stick around for long. It's something that keeps things fresh and fun. If you can be spontaneous, it keeps men guessing and will make you more mysterious and attractive as well. You don't have to do crazy things that are out of character. Simply keeping people on their toes will make you more naturally attractive. Here are three ways my wife keeps our marriage spontaneous.

1. Public Disgrace... Sort Of

My wife isn't the type to be overly public about anything. She's more the shy, quiet type. However, get her with her friends and she's the loudest one there. Can you relate to this at all?

There was this one time there was a new video game exhibition in a major shopping center. We were having a look and they were asking for volunteers. Before I knew it, I was up there with her and her friends demonstrating a new dance game. Sure surprised me.

2. Little Thank You's

These are other little ways to show that you can be spontaneous. In this case, it works a lot better if you want to get closer to a particular man in your life. If you leave a little thank you for something, it will show him that you appreciate him.

It's the perfect way to surprise us. Our guys don't like all that mushy stuff so leaving a discreet note is more than enough to give us a little, warm surprise that will brighten up our day.

3. Here One Moment, Gone The Next

If you want to really keep your man thinking about you and wondering where you are all the time, you have to be spontaneously here one moment and then gone the next. It will make us think that you're busy and that we have to compete for your attention.

This is an important principle to keep in mind; us guys won't feel as attracted to someone who's always there. If you're hard to get a hold of, that makes us want you more.

If you want to learn how to attract men, you have to get better at being spontaneous. If you do so, your chances of finding a man (or many men) that are into you will explode straight up.
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