How to Attract Men - Adapt the Right Mindset

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In my experience coaching women on relationship issues, I've met many quality women who are unsatisfied with their dating lives. They tend to fall into two categories. The first category consists of women who search for answers. They wonder why the men in their lives lose interest, act distant, call less frequently, and fall out of love. They wonder if they've done something to cause that to happen. They are in the self-doubt phase of a breakup. They understand that the men have moved on, but part of them doesn't want to let the relationship go. These women are looking for answers to put themselves in ease and to move on.

The second category of women have been hurt deeply by men and decide to adopt the approaches advocated in books such as The Rules or He's Just Not That Into You. In a way, these women feel that their efforts are best spent on men who are already attracted to them, are receptive to them, and want them. This approach, of waiting for men to approach you and initiate everything will lessen your risk of enduring painful rejections and frustrations. In a way, isn't it better to know for sure that the man you spend time with already likes you tremendously?

But do you really want to be so passive? Do you really want to wait for that Prince Charming to come to you? Wouldn't it be more fun to be active and playfully engage the man of your dreams rather than waiting passively to be noticed by someone you may not even want? Wouldn't it be great to spend time with the man or woman that your heart truly desires?

I truly believe that it's dangerous to hope that when the right person comes along everything will just fall into place. In fact, dating and successful relationships are about understanding the psychology of the opposite sex. It's not a magical thing that will just happen to you. It requires learning, practice, and experience to learn how to realize the relationship you desire.

A lucky few people are naturals. They may have had parents or siblings who had mastered the art of attraction. Observing from a young age, they learned the art of attracting the opposite sex. However, the majority of us don't have this kind of life experience. We need to take the initiative to learn about dating, romance, relationships, and most importantly, how to attract and keep the man our heart truly desires.

Dating is no different from your career. Think about how many years you've devoted to your education, the long hours and late nights, and building your professional network. Many women feel that our love lives are at least, if not more, important than our careers. You put in so much effort and so many years of hard work into your career. Don't you think your personal life deserves the same attention and cultivation that you have put into your professional life?

Like learning about the skills needed to be successful in your career, dating and relationship require you to spend time and put in an effort to understand the opposite sex. Knowledge is power. It can't be truer in the world of romance! Change your mindset right now and learn how to be that irresistible woman who gets what she wants!
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